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RadioPulse in IIC China 2010

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RadioPulse have been participating in International IC-China Conference & Exhibition(IIC China, the 15th this year) so far. IIC China(Shenshen) 2010 was held on 4~5th on March. We exhibited many application products such as USIM, ZB micro SD, RF pointing Remocon, and Voice solution plus ZigBee chip and module. 

RadioPulse is trying to promote the superiority of ZigBee application not only to increase export and overseas expansion by participating in worldwide influential exhibition. We have been searching international buyers and agent plus researching market and demand for the local market.

The IIC China 2010 is being held in Cengdu(11~12th on MAR) and in Shanghai(15~16th on MAR) and is going to September in many cities in China. Please see to the website for detailed exhibition schedule.